Real Estate Laws of the Philippines

Real Estate Laws of the Philippines

At Cebu-Properties.NET we recognize the importance of knowing the different laws that are government and affecting the entire real estate industry of the Philippines. Therefore, we are providing you a list of these real estate laws for your reference. This can be useful for both Filipino and foreign buyers and investors alike. Some of the laws are real estate specific while others are not but have some connections in relation to owning real properties in the Philippines.

Real Estate Laws of the Philippines

As a licensed real estate service practitioner, the legal aspect in the practice cannot be overlooked. While these laws are many and cannot be memorized easily, it is important to at least familiarized each one of them as they become handy in dealing with different cases should the need arise. In other words, it is best to be prepared.

R.A. 9646 – Refers to Republic Act No. 9646 which is also known as the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines

R.A. 7279 – Urban Development and Housing Act

R.A. 6657 – Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988 (CARP)

P.D. 957 – Subdivision and Condominium Buyers Protective Decree, a law which regulates the development and sale of subdivision and condominium

B.P. 220 – An act authorizing the Ministry of Human Settlements (now HLURB) to establish and promulgate different levels of standards for economic and socialized housing

R.A. 4726 – Condominium Law

R.A. 6552 – Maceda Law of 1972 or Installment Buyers Protective Act

Act 2728 – Brokerage Law

B.P. 185 – refers to the law on acquisition by a natural born Filipino citizen on residential property

R.A. 8179 – refers to the law on acquisition by a natural born Filipino citizen on commercial property

P.D. 1529 – Property Registration Decree

R.A. 9225 – Dual Citizenship Law

R.A. 7652 – law that allows foreign investors to lease private property for a maximum of 50 years and renewable once for 25 years.

P.D. 1216 – Law defining “open space” on residential subdivision

R.A. 9653 – Rent Control Law of 2009

R.A. 8974 – Expropriation Law of 2000

E.O. 209 – Family Code of 1988

E.O. 90 – National Shelter Program, designated HLURB as the sole regulatory body of housing and land development

R.A. 8763 – Magna Carta for Homeowners & Homeowners Association

E.O. 648 – Law where HLURB assumed the functions of the National Housing Authority on real estate management

P.D. 27 – Tenants Emancipation Decree for rice and corn lands

P.D. 2016 – Law which prohibits the eviction of occupants from lands identified and proclaimed as APDs or ULRZs and exempting such land from payment of realty tax (July 23, 1986)

R.A. 6732 – An act allowing administrative reconstitutions of titles which were destroyed by fire, flood, etc. (1989)

P.D. 892 – Law which discontinue the Spanish Mortgage Law system of registration (February 16, 1976)

P.D. 772 – Anti-Squatting Law (August 20, 1975)

R.A. 9858 – An act providing legitimization of children born to parents below marrying age

R.A. 6809 – An act which provides that age of majority commences at 18 years as incorporated under Art. 234 of the Family Code R.A. 6809

E.O. 192 – Law which creates the DENR, reorganization and renaming Department of Environment, Energy and Natural Resources as DENR (June 10, 1987)

R.A. 7160 – Local Government Code of 1991

R.A. 8424 – Tax Reform Act of 1997
If you know of any Philippine Real Estate Law which is not included in the list or you found any errors, we would appreciate it if you contact us.

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